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Running a small business is no joke! Trust us, we know. Based in Orlando, FL, our company started after seeing the need for better and more affordable digital marketing for small businesses and industry professionals. They are the lifeblood and culture of their communities, and we’re here to help them succeed! No matter the industry, no matter the walk of life, SocialBuzz is your hive for top-notch social media marketing, social advertising, and web design. 

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest – you name it! Let us take social media off your hands and help you create a buzzing social presence.
Whether you want to reach vinyl aficionados, foodies, or a fine art collector, we’ll help position you in front of the right people, at the right time, on the biggest social platforms out there.
Credibility, style, and utility all start with that first impression – your website. Let us work with you to create a website worthy of your “awesomeness.”
SocialBuzz Packages
When we say customized solutions, we mean it! you have to start somewhere, so here are our base packages. if you’re looking for something more one-of-a-kind, contact us!
*pricing upon request
our works
We’ve worked on everything from e-commerce to fine art. Imagine what we could do for your brand!
Why choose us
We get it, there’s a million and one other options out there.
So here’s a quick run-down of what makes us awesome: 
English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian - shoot, we even know a couple of words in Japanese (quite literally 2). Imagine the possibilities of reaching new markets with a team fluent in a variety of languages.
We know our way around Photoshop and inDesign and can produce some fantastic results. Try us and see! *We will not add abs to your Instagram photos... unless you ask us nicely.
A photographer's eye is essential to creating great imagery. Luckily for you, our staff has background in professional photography. Every image carefully crafted to promote your brand.
Different businesses have different needs. Our team is well-versed in a variety of web platforms. From Wordpress, to Squarespace, to Shopify, we'll advise you on the best route to take for the best possible web design. Excited yet?
We know our way around the social platforms! Our promise is to waste no time in creating quality content and to formulate a marketing plan that drives growth for your brand. #SocialMavericks
Analytic Aces
Marketing is more of a science than it is an art. Without knowing how to interpret analytics and adapt accordingly, you're just throwing money down the drain. Who is sadistic enough to like that? Using native and third party analytics software, we'll monitor performance and help you adjust accordingly.
What is your brand? What story does it tell? Are you the first thing that pops into people's minds when they think about your industry? If any of the answers to any of these questions seem unclear, we've got your back. During our brand consults, we'll help you define and determine your brand and show you the steps to develop it.
It's true! Anyone who works with us knows that our relationships with clients go beyond the scope of the project. Our biggest desire is to see you and your business succeed, and we'll certainly prove it. Aside from that, we're pretty easy on the eyes.
our process
Here’s the scoop on our process. Although no two projects are the same, this is what we’re absolutely committed to:
Initial Brand consultation

We want to know everything about your brand! What makes it tick? What is its driving force? What’s your message to the world out there? If you dreamed it, we want to know. This initial conversation is essential for us to establish your brand voice and make sure we structure and set up the frameworks of a project that enhances and promotes the vision you had for your brand. It is also the meeting where we lay out your expectations, our expectations, and make sure we’re all on the same page.

project creation

It’s time to get our hands dirty! We’ll start making a buzz and get the honey flowing. Throughout this process, expect occasional updates and additional questions to make sure we’re on track. We collaborate with you all along the way to make sure we don’t miss any part of your vision. 

continuing support

We thrive on relationships and the satisfaction of our clients. If you have an ongoing relationship with us, expect monthly brand voice consultations so we can be updated on what’s new with your business and identify new opportunities. If your project with us has come to an end, we offer additional add-on services to help you out along the way. We promise not to leave you out to dry! 

What do clients say?
We hate to toot our own horns,
so we’ll let our clients do it for us!
Interiors and Ash

“…an energetic, sharp, and strategic marketer with an extremely high level of intuition.”

Ruby F

“Creativity beyond compare! I can always count on them to help my business’s marketing efforts.”

Lucas M
UX Engineer

“… one of the hardest working and passionate people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Having collaborated with them on multiple projects, I can safely say that their ability to be a well-rounded (even extraordinary) contributor to any team is rare and worth noting.”

Nathalie M

“For anyone who needs help creating, revamping, or starting a website and/or help with social media management, these guys know what they’re doing! I highly recommend checking them out.”

Ella C
Anytime Fitness Metrowest

Impressive! When I hired SocialBuzz I was hoping to just be able to free up some time on my daily routine while still keeping a nice presence online. Turns out they delivered that and then some! Our pages are looking great, we’ve achieved a consistent look throughout the different platforms, our engagement has increased and keeps on increasing. They are extremely thorough and incredibly organized – I highly recommend their services.

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